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Shore Fishing

My Story

It all began back in 1992, when I was taking a stroll along Credit River, Mississauga. I saw a lone fisherman land an enormous silver fish that I later came to learn was a Rainbow Trout.  That single moment fascinated me so much I went and purchased my first rod for river fishing the same day. After that, I was hooked. Fishing once a week became twice a week became fishing on a full time basis.

My quest for new fishing grounds brought me to many towns where I developed relationships with the locals, most of whom remain my very close friends today.  Sharing the same passion for fishing, they showed me various secret fishing sites and techniques. Little did they know they would help shape and define my future.

During my early fishing years, I spent many nights driving and fishing alone since my friends were not as into fishing as I was.  When I was lucky, I was accompanied by my dog. Nonetheless, the opportunity to fish was worth the long, lonely drives. The trips took me away from the hustle and bustle of the city, afforded me some peace and most importantly, made me a better fisherman.

When I first started out, I didn’t have a boat but that didn’t stop me.  I would fish along the rivers, creeks, banks, canals, off docks, at marinas and under bridges. If there was a slight possible way for me to fish a different spot, I was right in there.  And the weather? Heavy rain, high winds, snow, hail, freezing weather, long distance walks – I braved it all for the love of fishing.

After a few years of renting, I decided to get my own boat – a 1979 Princecraft – and boy I thought she was a beauty.  The Princecraft had me solely fishing for walleye but I was slowly moving into bass fishing. The Princecraft was not designed for bass fishing but that never stopped me from fishing shallow waters and by docks, lily pads and areas with signs of life and vegetation.  The Princecraft and I had several good years together until it was time to buy a new boat designed for bass fishing.

Initially, I found the long Canadian winter an undeserved punishment – having to sit through months and months for the ice to melt so I could get back in the open water to fish.  It was like taking candy from a child. Alas, when life gives you lemons you make lemonade right? Well, my lemonade was ice-fishing. Ah, year-round fishing. Heaven on earth.

 At this point, I finally admitted that the time and effort I spent on fishing could not categorically be considered just a ‘hobby’ anymore.  I was fishing at any chance I had. When I wasn’t fishing, I was either watching fishing videos, reading fishing articles, magazines or an angler’s biography, or studying competitive angling and practicing pitching and flipping into a cup at home.  All I wanted was to become BETTER and BETTER at fishing, which led me to fishing club memberships and a network of people dedicated to sports fishing.  
In 2001, I started competing and continue to compete in fishing tournaments.  Since that time, I’ve ranked in the top 10 competitive anglers in many tournaments.  

Like everyone with family, I was advised by people close to my heart that I should pursue a career that I would be passionate about.  Although I knew they were right, the toughest question for me was “How is fishing a career?” In answer, I spent years doing retail in the fishing industry.  However, that just didn’t cut it – I wasn’t out fishing! So, although those years taught me a lot about different fishing products, their manufacturers, their similarities and differences, and their advantages and disadvantages, I knew I had to do something more.

On numerous occasions, I had taken out fishing enthusiasts on fishing trips and it wasn’t until years later that I realized I had accumulated a vast amount of knowledge, experience and skills over the years of fishing.  I also enjoyed enlightening others about this great outdoor sport and passing on my knowledge and skills to those who were eager to learn.
At the same time, I didn’t realize how many people loved to fish and were out fishing but had no idea what they were doing.  To some fishermen I’ve taken out, seeing a fish caught on lures is unheard of. And that’s when it dawned on me……Fish Guiding!!!!!!!!!  I would take fishing enthusiasts out for a great day of fishing, pass on my experience and skills, promote CATCH and RELEASE, and BEST of all, get to be on water!

Needless to say, FishCrazy Fishing Service was born.

Take me up on my service and I guarantee that you’ll have a great day of fishing and learning what there is to know about catching the “big one”.  

Thanks for visiting and Good Fishing.

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